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ACCENT REDUCTION, part 2: Teaching Pronunciation

This workshop will examine practical techniques for teaching pronunciation, aiming to move beyond the traditional cycle of teacher led drilling. Pronunciation needn’t be dull, and during this session we will examine innovative ways to keep students engaged with fun and varied activities that we hope you will enjoy too!

Prowadzenie: Ross Mulkern

Koszt: 120zł

ACCENT REDUCTION, part 3: Pronunciation Through Technology

This session aims to present and demonstrate some of the latest tools available to help your students improve their pronunciation. From simple smartphone based exercises to innovative apps and websites, we will explore some of the many ways technology can help spice up pronunciation in the classroom.

Prowadzenie: Ross Mulkern

Koszt: 120zł


This weekend will be very different from your usual weekend, and from any teacher development session you have ever attended. It is about human dynamics and change in ELT, and how we respond to the change.

The course objectives are:

  1.  To motivate you as a teacher
  2. To look at different approaches and methodologies and awaken your creativity
  3. To help you plan your own professional development and your future career in Poland and abroad

We will look at various ELT environments we work in and how they have changed over the past years. We will address the changes in the role of the English language, changes in the classroom, the technology and our ’mentality’ as well as changes in the profile of a good teacher, and on the job market.

We will discuss how you can benefit from those changes.

We will look at you, the Teacher, from your perspective. We will swap stories about our professional lives and see what motivates us. In a holistic way we will engage our minds, our bodies and our hearts. We will explore our strengths and weaknesses as teachers and look at our professional self.

During the weekend you will find out how to develop further as a teacher, what else there is to learn, how to spice up your professional life and how to get new jobs. We will not neglect the latest trends in methodology, and share ideas on how to further flourish as an international ELT professional.

This weekend will show you what new opportunities are waiting for you and also how you can embrace change in your professional life. Last but not least we will look at the psychological aspect of the new options ahead of you, and build up your confidence. Individual coaching will be offered after the course.

Dress code: casual, comfortable clothes, black only please.

Prowadzenie: Magda Fijałkowska i Kaidar Kivistik

Koszt: 240zł za dwudniowe szkolenie

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