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Forma: Warsztat

Prowadzenie: Nick Clowes

Grupa wiekowa: 13+

Poziom językowy: Intermediate / Upper-intermediate / Advanced

Czas trwania: 60min

HISTORY LESSON: HORRIBLE VICTORIANS: Let us tell you, history is horrible, really horrible. We don’t mean horrible as in a bunch of boring dates to remember, we mean horrible as in gruesome, blood-curdling, vomit-inducing, disgusting horrible. Think that the Victorians were all polite, pleasant and all enjoyed a good cup of tea? Yeah, right! Want to know why ‘dredgermen’ were paid to collect dead bodies from the banks of the Thames? Want to know why Victorian family photos often featured corpses? Then grab your top hat or corset and come along to find out for yourselves.

COMPUTER SCIENCE LESSON: MEMES: How are you doing when it comes to the use of the Internet? Do you use it do your homework, look for information, or are you more interested in the social media, social news, funny pictures, images that make you laugh, memes? Would you like to find out more about which memes are the most popular in the UK and check if the same things make you laugh? Come along and take a look through the history of memes. We’ll take a fascinating look at what they are, why they exist and have a giggle at some of the juiciest memes from the earliest days of the internet and before as well as see the latest ones.

Nick Clowes pisze o sobie tak: ‘Pochodzę z ponurego zakątka Anglii, a teraz mieszkam w ponurych Katowicach. Uczyłem angielskiego w Południowej Korei, Tailandii, Hiszpanii i Anglii. Teraz przyglądam się kulturze polskiej, zwyczajom, luziom, i czasem nawet uczę angielskiego. Pasjonuje mnie wszystko to, co ponure, dziwaczne, inne. Chętnie podziele się wrażeniami z podróży i tym co dziwnego się dowiedziałem o świecie.’

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